Therapeutic Massage uses a massage table
and the work is usually done directly on the skin using unscented, hypoallergenic massage cream. My therapeutic massage concentrates on integrating the mind, body and spirit of the client. Movement, stretches and client breathing patterns guide my work in releasing muscles and holding
patterns. These techniques can either be very deep and treatment-oriented or more gentle and general. Each session is different depending on the client’s needs.

I offer specific treatment work with the jaw and TMJ. Many clients are very tight in this area due to stress and structural issues. Intraoral work is extremely helpful and makes a big difference in very little time. It also helps with neck pain and headaches.

Polarity Therapy is a comprehensive energy-based practice that includes bodywork, coaching and exercises. The underlying philosophy of polarity therapy is that our bodies have the capability of healing themselves. It works to re-ignite the ease of movement within our nervous system. Polarity works as a mirror to show clients their current state through their body sensations and allows the client to then make a conscious choice if they would like to continue along this course or alter it. Polarity therapy encourages the body’s natural healing to overcome discomfort and disease, achieve health and well-being and encourage greater movement and flexibility in every aspect our lives.

Polarity Bodywork can be done as a session in itself and the techniques are easily integrated into a massage. It uses gentle pressure and subtle physical contact to access the body’s natural cycles of expansion and contraction (yin and yang) and the energetic centers along the spine (chakras). It communicates with the nervous system to increase its natural flow and flexibility.

Polarity Life Coaching can be done as a session in itself or before or integrated into a bodywork session. The two chair technique is an interactive way of allowing us to access our body’s wisdom and hear what it is trying to communicate to us. It involves me guiding you to move back and forth between two chairs and experience the physical difference between two different aspects of your life. It increases your ability to adapt and move with ease around whatever life offers. I have found it to be very useful for problem solving and stress management.