• Reduce stress, tension and pain.
  • Increase relaxation and body awareness.
  • Prevent and reduce the effects of injury and disease.
  • Stabilize and improve emotional reactions to life.
  • Improve and maintain posture.
  • Increase circulation and bring nutrients to the cells and organs in the body.


Clients report:

  • Feeling happier and more productive.
  • Challenges being more manageable.
  • Exercising more regularly.
  • Eating healthier foods.

It is important to address the whole person to return to and maintain good health.


For me, the most impressive benefits of receiving bodywork are bringing us into the present and into our body and how it feels. Our bodies live in the present moment. Most of us are disconnected and/or disassociated from our bodies much of the time. Bodywork can bring us back. It can allow us to get in touch with how our body is feeling and what it is communicating. For some people, that is accomplished through a deep tissue, muscle based massage. For others, energy work and coaching is the most effective. I often do a blend of massage and energy work.

There are also people who avoid being touched and usually also avoid sensing how their body feels. I have worked with many people who have experienced a lot of childhood trauma and this led to the body being a dangerous place to be. We have moved at a safe pace with or without touch, so these clients can get to a place where feeling their body is okay and often that massage even feels good.